Product / Service Categories

Postcard Automation

Our client was a platform owner who had a need for a solution to Property Owners. The solution was to send postcards to letting agents and property buyers by integration with Royal Mail and Payment Gateway.

On the platform, the property owner would be able to select a polygon on a google map and mark residential addresses where he wanted to promote his properties.

The solution picked up addresses, pasted them on a Postcard and would send the ready to print PDF file to print. The postcard would be mailed to the residential address after printing and quality inspections.

Print Shop Automation

We have a solution for Print Shop Owners to take orders from their Letting / Real Estate Print Orders where they would be able to upload upto Ten Files at One Go and send them to Print. The solution takes care of all type of Brochures. Postcards, Menu Cards, Greeting Cards, Letterheads and are sent to the Production Machine that has to just Print.

With this solution, the print shop will be able to save at least 6-7 minutes per print job and enhance their productivity and realizing profitability on each job by automating their systems. The idle time of the machines get optimized and the printer also can route the jobs to different production machines if they possess such an infrastructure.

Product / Service Categories

App Modernization

One of the customers in Belgium wished to modernize his Application to the latest .NET Version.